16 Year Old Nearly Dunks After 6 Weeks!

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The video looks like it has been taken down for some reason. It’s unfortunate, because it was a really crazy video!

But don’t worry!

I’ve got some videos of others who are dunking like pros these days. You can check out these videos as well as my review of the program that helped them get there.

Click through here to view video and review

The above footage is a video from a 16 year old who dreams of dunking. He’s been working hard it and his efforts have been paying off.

Here’s what he had to say about his results…

These are my results after 6 weeks of using the jump manual. I’ve gained about 5 1/2 inches. That ceiling i get my head over is about 8 feet high and i got like 4 inches of my head over. Also the table next to it is 33 inches and i almost got both my feet higher than it. So my two step vert seems to be about 32 inches or so. In 6 weeks i have doubled my strength. Before doing Jump Manual I never had any prior weight training so my starting squat max 90 lbs. but after 6 weeks I have added 110 pounds to my squat, my max now being 200. I have also added 70 pounds to my dead-lift, which was 70 and is now up to 140.

I realized today that since im getting a lot stronger i really need 2 focus more on the plyometric workouts in the Jump Manual. If i increase my plyometric ability more and continue to make strength gains i should be throwing down clean dunks real soon. I came sorta close on a couple today as you can see, but my 1 leg jumping didn’t feel very explosive so i know for a fact that i need to increase my plyometric ability if i wanna dunk off 1 leg. but my two foot jump felt very explosive today.

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So what are you waiting for? His results don’t lie. The Jump Manual works! So make sure to claim your copy today and get jumpin’!

You can view more of his jump manual results at his youtube channel:

http://www.youtube.com/user/taylor21horton (no longer available sorry!)

But hey you can still check out the exact program that he used to dunk at the age of 16!

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