Nik Gains 7 Inches in First 5 Weeks

Alright spoiler alert!

The video no longer exists, unfortunately. I know, I really wish I could’ve shown it to you guys…

But don’t worry.

I have some other cool videos you can check out!

It’s really cool seeing new videos of people dunking or improving their vertical. And to me it doesn’t get old when somebody submits a success story. Maybe because it tells me how well the Jump Manual works.

Here’s what the description of the video says:

Nik Skouen has gained 7 inches in the first 5 weeks. Expect more from Nik as he is taking is training very seriously. Nik is currently reviewing University’s to play basketball.

I hope you enjoyed the video. :-)


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  1. Carl says:

    He doesn’t provide a phone number, but he does have a support desk that you can reach him through. He’s quite helpful. His contact link is below.


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