5 foot 5 inch Dude Dunking

Hey guys!

It’s unfortunate, but it looks like this video is no longer available.

However, you can still view some other videos of those who have used the exact same system that this guy Brandon used to accomplish a gravity defying feat. It’s called the Jump Manual, created by expert coach and trainer Jacob Hiller.

Read more about Jacob Hiller’s program.

I think this is the coolest one yet. I mean they are all cool videos, but this I believe takes the cake. Especially, since this guy Brandon is only 5’5. Talk about mad hops.

If it wasn’t for the actual video I don’t think I would believe for one sec that a guy at his height can dunk. If you had any doubts about the effectiveness of the Jump Manual after watching this you should no longer question whether or not it works.

Here’s the video description:

Thanks to Brandon Todd for the testimonial and video. Good luck to Brandon who is going to play pro ball in Germany. For more info check out www.jumpmanual.com and www.freeverticaljumptraining.com. We need more testimonial videos to stop the spread of ineffective vertical jump techniques!

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